Friday, April 17, 2015

Let's open source

This has been a fantastic week for me. Last Wednesday I joined the OpenShift Developer Experience team in Red Hat.
New life in Brno, Czech Republic, comes packed with a myriad of new opportunities to learn and share. I'm amazed by the people I've met so far. In a two-week time span it's been BrnoJS, Docker Brno, Foreigners.cz Brno, and other opportunities, and more coming day after day.

One great thing about working with opensource is that I'll be able to share everything with the community. OpenShift is a big piece of software, and my first task to get started is to prepare a demo of how an end user can deploy and scale a project with OpenShift. In particular, it will be a Python application, powered by Django and Postgres.

And by the end of May I'll be talking about deployments with OpenShift in PyWAW Summit in Warsaw! I'm looking forward to meeting friends again in Poland and talking about the things that I'm working on these days :-)


Arx Cruz said...

Welcome to Brno, and Red Hat :)

Henrique Bastos said...

Congrats! Enjoy! :D