Monday, January 30, 2017

Do not squash commits mindlessly!

I've always wanted to write about my frustration with projects and code reviewers that insist on mindlessly squashing all commits of a pull request before merge, instead of accepting well factored commits.

Because I've just come across a blog post from Matthew Garrett about the same topic, I'll cite him:


(...) When you're crafting commits for merge, think about your commit history as a textbook. Start with the building blocks of your feature and make them one commit. Build your functionality on top of them in another. Tie that functionality into the core project and make another commit. Add client support. Add docs. Include your tests. Allow someone to follow the growth of your feature over time, with each commit being a chapter of that story. (...) 

It's terrible when we go see the history of a certain line of code just to discover it was changed last together with other 20,000 lines, in a commit with a poor message, in a pull request with empty description...

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