Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Expanding the Coding Dojo Brno!

I believe that learning computer programming is a continuous process that involves deliberate practice and gradually pushing yourself into mastering new skills.

There are also important social skills involved, like team work and communication.

In a coding dojo meeting, we work as a self-organized group to learn and share knowledge by following certain principles and practices. We practice:
  • collective problem solving 
  • Test-Driven Development 
  • pair programming 
  • baby steps 
  • code refactoring 
  • and others... 
We also keep everybody in the loop, making the environment inclusive and welcoming for people with all sorts of background. It is a collaborative community, not a competition.

All that happens while we solve computer programming exercises (called "katas") in a programming language of our choice.

A bit of history

Coding dojos started to appear around the globe throughout the boom of Agile development. The ParisDojo was founded back in December 2004, and then, four years later in December 2008, with the help of an awesome community of developers, I've founded the Coding Dojo Rio. The community is so amazing that it has grown non-stop and holds regular meetings every week for over 8 years now.

Last January, with two colleagues, I started the Coding Dojo Brno group here in Brno. We held over 40 meetings in the Red Hat office in the year 2016, and, though we've always been an open-to-all group, we've had limited participation from the external community. This year we're finally expanding, and we'll be holding meetings in a new venue, a room in the Masaryk University's Faculty of Informatics, starting next week.

We're also trying to gain more visibility through a Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/CodingDojoBrno.

If you are interested in programming, knowledge sharing, agile, TDD, etc, get in touch and come to one of our next events!

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